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Let's partner to build programs from the ground up and continue engaging with Kroger customers.

Our Products

By applying best-in-class science and cross-channel strategies to exclusive Kroger purchase data, 84.51° can deliver personalized, meaningful experiences with your brand.

Advertising on Kroger channels

Bring your message to Kroger online properties and find your most engaged customers where we know they'll be.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Single and Multi-Subject Email
  • Targeted Digital Coupons
  • Dedicated brand page on
  • Static and Targeted Ad placement on high traffic pages
  • Product Listing ads (Boosted Search, Start My Cart, My Sale Items)

Advertising with Influencers

Partner your brand with social media influencers to generate content, awareness, and sales.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Instagram Macro Influencer campaign
  • Sponsored Blog
  • Influencer Video Series
  • Twitter Party
  • Influencer Event/Retreat

Advertising across the web

We go beyond Kroger's owned media vehicles to deliver digital ads across the web. Using Kroger purchase data, 84.51° targets the right customers in the right place to create a seamless digital media campaign.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Co-branded digital media
  • Creative and offer A/B testing
  • Custom landing page on
  • Digital media layered with targeted email or direct mail

Rewarding loyal shoppers

Drive incremental purchases and deliver long-term loyalty by utilizing our longstanding, targeted direct-to-customer communications.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Loyal Customer Mailer (LCM)
  • MyMagazine
  • Themed events
  • New at Kroger
  • Custom solo/portfolio events

Let’s start something new

We are hard at work creating more ways to feature brands across channels in the Kroger digital ecosystem and would love to talk to you about the right opportunity for your brand.

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Kroger Private Marketplace
Kroger Launches Private Marketplace to Unleash First-Party Data

Brands can now reach relevant Kroger shoppers using their own DSP of choice and optimize performance against sales