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AdMonsters, AdExchanger recognize KPM in Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Award

May 09, 2024

Retail data is fueling better performance across publishers, streaming TV, ecommerce, and social media. This presents a pivotal opportunity for advertisers to explore how audience-led planning—anchored in the right data signals—could be the key to unlock pockets of growth.

Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) has emerged as a media pioneer, using data science and technology to impact the wider purchase journey. KPM's Sangeeta Singh and Sarah Scherer have been honored as part of the 2024 Top Women in Media & Ad Tech by AdMonsters and AdExchanger, reflecting their significant contributions to advancing the use of retail data in marketing strategies.

Each year, these awards recognize an elite group of women for their contributions and lasting impact on their brands, organizations, and markets. Honorees represent the diversity and progress within the media and ad tech industry. 

Singh was recognized in the “Data Demystifiers” category, which honors women with expertise in data science and analytics who use their prowess to inform decision-making, prove out business cases, and test new ideas.

As a data science director for KPM, Sangeeta is at the forefront of innovation, spearheading the development of in-house tools and implementing robust ML Ops frameworks to ensure operational success. Her dedication to driving excellence and fostering a learning culture has earned her recognition as a trusted leader in data analytics.

Scherer was chosen for the “Programmatic Storytellers” category, which highlights expert translators who use their mastery to make the programmatic case to partners.

Scherer leads KPM’s Platform Experience team in developing innovative ad tech, which supports the channel-agnostic solutions that KPM brings to market for advertisers. She is influencing the programmatic advertising landscape through her thought leadership and collaborative approach.

“We are grateful for Sangeeta’s remarkable leadership in facilitating automated, scalable solutions and for Sarah’s influence on the programmatic advertising products which bring greater flexibility to our clients,” said Cara Pratt, SVP of Kroger Precision Marketing. “Both women are leading us through change and helping us deliver greater customer and brand impact throughout. Their impact is felt across our team, our business partners, and is shaping change in the industry.”

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