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Full-Funnel Retail Media Solutions

We make it easy for brands to succeed. Explore media solutions that include self-service, managed-service and programmatic activations.

Search & Display

Onsite Search and Display ads give shoppers the tools to build their baskets faster with the products they want, when and how they want them.

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Our suite of programmatic solutions allow advertisers to apply Kroger's audiences in your preferred DSP and optimize performance against sales.

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Connected TV

Leverage our Connected TV solutions to more intelligently reach your audience on connected TV and measure sales performance.

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Onsite Brand Activations

Targeted digital coupons, brand shops, and more onsite options enable advertisers to engage Kroger shoppers with relevant, custom offers and experiences.

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Social & Influencer

Our Social & Influencer campaigns enable brands to reach the right audiences in the places where they’re seeking inspiration.

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Email & Push Notifications

Leverage Kroger’s trusted relationship with customers through Kroger emails and the Kroger app.

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Offsite Advertising

Reach relevant audiences with high-impact ad formats (audio, display, native, and video)—all managed and executed by our in-house team of experts.

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