Sumo Citrus

AC Brands spreads love of Sumo Citrus® with off-site campaign

March 01, 2023

The seedless, easy-to-peel, uniquely sweet mandarins known as Sumo Citrus are only available from January through April. AC Brands set out to spread the word about these lumpy fruits with top knots to make sure shoppers knew they were available. Kroger Precision Marketing helped AC Brands identify existing and lapsed tangerine buyers, along with citrus-buying households. AC Brands opted for an off-site display campaign to raise awareness with a scalable audience. Creative featured the Sumo Citrus brand as “the world’s most loved fruit,” with links to shop online. Participating products saw a more than 8% sales uplift as a direct result of display ads, including an uplift in household penetration of more than 10%.

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