CPG Guys With Michael

Data-Enabled Streaming TV with 84.51°’s Michael Schuh & Roku’s Alannah Pawlik

August 24, 2022

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The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Michael Schuh, VP of Kroger Precision Marketing Media Strategy for 84.51° and Alannah Pawlik, Senior Marketing Manager at Roku. Michael & Alannah answer these questions:

  • 2 years ago, Kroger and Roku partnered to integrate shopper data from tens of millions of shoppers with streaming ads on the Roku platform. What was the genesis of this offering and how have brands been leveraging it?
  • Recently, Kroger Precision Marketing announced an expansion of Roku’s integration that now delivers to brands data-enabled private marketplaces. Please break down this enhanced capability for our audience.
  • So what’s different about how people are watching TV today and why is your offering attune to current trends?
  • How is retail media making TV advertising better?
  • What does the Kroger/Roku integration mean for brands?
  • What metrics & measurements do you offer to brands through your collaborative offering and why should brands find these to be meaningful compared to other marketing mix investments?
  • What does success look like for CPGs? Do you have some examples you care to highlight?
  • What is next for consumers and CPG marketers in streaming TV?

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