CPG Guys With Cara Pratt

Retail Ad Tech Innovation with Kroger Precision Marketing's Cara Pratt

December 12, 2023

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The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Cara Pratt, SVP of Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51, the retail data science division of Kroger.

Cara answers these questions:

  1. Most people think of retail media today as personalized content delivered to customers through digital platform. But Kroger has actually been in the personalized media business for 2 decades. Would you share with us how that started through direct mail, why that format was the first foray and the scale that Kroger was able to enable brands to achieve up and down the marketing funnel?

  2. In 2015, Kroger brought its retail data science capabilities in-house with the formation of 84.51. What is the origin of the division name and why has it been successful in driving measurable growth for both Kroger and the brands that sell through Kroger’s omnichannel banners?

  3. Kroger’s customer insight platform is called Stratum. What exactly is Stratum and how are brands using it to guide their omnichannel strategy at Kroger and beyond?

  4. The pandemic caused tremendous growth in grocery eCommerce. How did you set about building best-in-class on-site retail media capabilities to fuel the demand?

  5. Kroger has enabled brands to move up the marketing funnel through offsite partnerships. Would you highlight those partnerships and what brands are able to do with Kroger customer audiences?

  6. In-store is where retail media is poised to dramatically expand its offerings. What are Kroger’s capabilities for in-store and should brands be thinking about these solutions as highly personalized or something else?

  7. As Kroger seeks to attract brand marketing budgets, how does performance measurement play a role, how do clean rooms play a role and what do you make of the growing chorus for standardization in definitions & metrics coming from both retailers and brands?

  8. You are making a big announcement today at Retail Media Summit as it relates to bringing more of your retail media capabilities in-house. What are the details?

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