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Personalize through 84.51°

Kroger and 84.51° have partnered to form a new retail media endeavor that helps brands develop, nurture and embrace customer-driven relationships. We work with CPG partners to activate direct customer targeting, execute communication plans and measure campaign impact.

Kroger Precision Marketing Solutions

Brands can leverage customer intelligence to create customer connections across upper funnel activations, bridging directly into commerce & transparently evaluating performance. Our Kroger Precision Marketing Offsite Solutions are a seamless digital experience for your advertising investments. Kroger and 84.51° are partnering together to enable advertising for suppliers on Kroger’s digital properties. These products enable suppliers to communicate directly with customers onsite utilizing rich first party data and 84.51° targeting + personalization science. Kroger has also developed personal relationships with more than 500 leading social influencers —and has access to an additional army of 4,500+ micro-influencers when activations require an amplified voice and scale. Influencers’ fans are used their passion for Kroger and trust their advocacy of the products Kroger sells.

New KPM Client? Start Here

Once we’re officially working together, we’ll need you to take care of a few details so you can set up your first campaigns. To get started, download our New Client Guide, review all details, and follow the 2 simple steps below.

  1. Download and complete the New Client Application.
  2. Submit your application and W9. via email to and Please attach both documents to the email and send to our team will be in touch soon.

Once you have completed the new client setup process, work with your Account Manager or email to plan your first campaign. To help get things started, you can reference the list of available inventories below. Download the relevant style guides and design files to help your team develop creative that appeals to Kroger shoppers. We look forward to working with you!


  • KPM Sweepstakes Policy can be viewed here

  • KPM Direct Connect Reporting Policy can be viewed here

  • KPM Offsite Media Tagging Policy can be viewed here
    "KPM Offsite Media" means media offerings that don't run on Kroger-owned properties. Examples: Pinterest, Facebook, Display, Video, etc.

  • KPM Onsite API Partner Policy can be viewed here

  • Kroger Private Marketplace ("PMP") Policy can be viewed here.
    PMP is a self-service programmatic platform which allows advertisers to access Kroger's audiences in their preferred DSP and optimize performance based on in-store and online sales.

  • KPM Managed Service Offsite Media Metric Reporting Policy can be viewed here

  • KPM Accessibility Guidelines Checklist can be viewed here

  • KPM Accessibility on Kroger Banners can be viewed here

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions for KPM Services can be downloaded here

  • Data Processing Addendum can be downloaded here


  • Master Creative Spec documents can be downloaded here

  • KPM Offsite Media Tagging Guide can be viewed here

  • Approved Buying Platforms Guide can be viewed here

  • KPM Onsite Tagging Guide can be viewed here
    "KPM Onsite Media" means media offerings that run on Kroger and Kroger-affiliated, owned, and operated properties inclusive of push notifications and emails.

  • Kroger Trademarks Use Guide can be downloaded here

  • Third-Party Developed Landing Page Templates can be downloaded here

  • Digital Coupon Guidelines Document can be downloaded here

  • Kroger Logo Style Guide can be downloaded here

See what our partners are saying

  • “The ability to personalize the message and the shopping experience for Kroger shoppers aligns with their customer-first strategy, ensuring the highest returns on our digital media and an ability to emotionally connect with the shopper.”

    Senior Director Shopper Marketing
    Kellogg Company
  • [These capabilities enable us] to engage with our shoppers with personalized content through Kroger’s digital ecosystem. This is a great opportunity for us to measure and identify key areas to win in the marketplace.”

    Shopper Marketing Manager
  • “Leveraging 84.51 data & KPM has allowed our team to face this daunting task head on, and it has allowed our team to take in store plans and optimize that experience online...and get maniacally focused on e-commerce.”

    Director of E-Commerce/Marketing
  • “We now have even more precise tools to help us effectively engage with consumers in a strategically vital channel at one of our most valued partners.”

    E-commerce Account Manager

Partnership is key

At the core of success is a collaboration between Kroger, 84.51° and your company to develop and measure targeted campaigns.

How we work together:



84.51° will work with your brand teams to align on campaign objectives, scope and design.



84.51° analyzes purchase behavior to deliver relevant content and offers to verified Kroger shoppers.



Suppliers provide brand assets, content or digital media creative based on our specs and templates. Then we implement campaigns alongside trusted media partners, including Kroger Media Services.



84.51° provides post-campaign measurement across channels by matching exposure data to in-store purchases.

Let's work together

Connect with 84.51° and take your campaigns to the next level.

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Kroger Private Marketplace
Kroger Launches Private Marketplace to Unleash First-Party Data

Brands can now reach relevant Kroger shoppers using their own DSP of choice and optimize performance against sales